Saturday, March 2, 2013



I cannot express my joy at finding this teapot.  You see, when I first visited the Pokemon Center here in Nagoya, they did not have it.

Nor did they have it the second time I went.  So I assumed that perhaps they simply stopped making it; much to my disappointment.

But then, today, there it was in all of its glory! Not only the Pikachu teapot, but the whole Pikachu kitchen set! Today I got the teapot and the cooking pot, but next time I go I'll finish the set!

I love my Pikachu teapot! <3

Other than that my week was been rather non eventful.  I went to a Christian church here for the first time, and it was really nice.  The people were friendly, and hearing everything in both English and Japanese was great for my language comprehension.

I've been playing a lot of Pokemon Conquest as of late, I am very addicted to that game.

School has been going well, pretty easy semester for me so far.

Looking forward to going to see Kabuki here soon.  Followed by spring break in Tokyo.

Until next time,

Have a pleasant day!

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