Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back to the Grindstone and Hanami

Well this past week was super busy as I had two tests and two papers due.  A rough slap in the face from school after break! XP

But today was very pleasant   First I had judo for the first time in two weeks, but amazingly my body did not collapse from the work! In fact I was feeling good during the whole practice! And today was a really great day as I finally feel like a real member now.  I fought with both male and female club mates and successfully won a few times (course they were going easy on me, but still) and I am getting coordinated with my throws now.  A black belt completed me! He said I was learning very quickly and was going great. :)

Next some friends and I went to the Pokemon Center   It had just changed to a new, larger location, and I must say it looks super nice now.  Lots more room for stuff now, much like the one in Tokyo.  I bought a Pikachu mug to complete my Pikachu kitchen set, which makes me very happy! ^_^

After Pokemon Center we went to a local park where Hanami was going on.  Hanami is when people set blankets under the cherry blossom trees and eat and get drunk.  There are all sorts of tents set up selling food and booze.  The cherry blossoms are beautiful, and at night lanterns are light among the trees.  We just took a few pictures, strolled around, and then went back home.  Getting a spot for Hanami requires getting there super early cause it is PACKED.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, so I'll be going to church.

Until next week!

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