Saturday, February 23, 2013

Zen Training, Judo, and Da Club

This week has been very eventful for me.

First on Wednesday a group of us went to a Zen Buddhist training temple for Zen Buddhist nuns.  For half a day we got the experience the life of a Buddhist nun, and boy it's hard!

First was mediation, which I enjoyed, but my legs were killing me after squatting for half an hour! XP
Next we had the head priest give us a lecture, which was interesting, though rather long...we had to squat the whole time as well, needless to say my legs were not happy.

After that was tea.  We learned some basic rules to tea ceremony, though the pain in my legs was taking up most of my attention.  The tea was served along with a sweet, both were good, though I'm not a big fan of tea.

Last was dinner, which was all vegetarian   It was by far the most stressful part of the day.  There were so many regulations on how to eat properly, I just wanted to table flip!  They use up everything; the goal is to not waste anything, which I can appreciate, but boy it's rather extreme.  You wash your dishes with tea and a radish, then eat the radish and then drink the tea!

I am glad that I had the experience, though I will definitely not be a Buddhist nun anytime soon, lol.

Then on Friday, I went to a new club called Ozone in Sakae with some friends.  This club was much smaller than ID, the club with 5 floors.  This club was only one floor, and there was much less people, but I liked that.  Much more dancing space.  Also, there was a chocolate fountain with marshmallows!

On Saturday, I had Judo as usual, but today I had my first throwing match! It wasn't a match per se, just a practice run with a more experienced girl who would teach me various moves during the match.  I actually got her down once! It was fun; I am looking forward to having real matches someday!

After Judo I went to Osu; a large shopping area in Nagoya.  Osu has just about everything you can imagine, street after street of shopping, dining, and even maid cafes!

I bought a nice hair pin called kanzashi, which is what Japanese women traditionally wear with kimonos, but now there are modern ones for everyday wear.

It has been a full week for me!

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