Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gale Force Winds in Da Ghetto

Alright, sorry for the lateness of this blog, but man I have been busy!

To start, I went on a weekend trip with my roommates this past weekend.  Originally it was to just be a one night trip in Kyoto, but thanks to the typhoon like weather coming our way, we canceled our hotel reservation in case we couldn't make it.  Why did we still go you ask? Because we had already purchased the train tickets, so we had to use them!!

Train were still operating, but many were delayed or canceled, making traveling incredibly difficult.  And I don't know why so many Japanese people were also out and traveling, knowing about the bad weather. I guess they were in the same boat as us.  Anyway, trains were packed everywhere.

When we got to Kyoto, it was raining, but the wind wasn't too strong yet, so I still enjoyed seeing the beautiful shrine and bamboo forest.  Did some shopping as well.

After that we decided to go to Osaka since it was close.  We booked a cheap hotel online, rode the train, and collapsed in the hotel (which was in a ghetto I'm pretty sure).

Osaka is basically the Japanese ghetto city.  It's dirty, the people are interesting (apparently if you point to someone in Osaka and make a gun noise, they will pretend to be shot)  and graffiti is everywhere.  Some people like the feel of Osaka, but I didn't really like it.  Glad I only spent half a day there; I much prefer Tokyo or Kyoto.

Other than that I've been busying with school and Judo.  Only 4 weeks of school left, I cant wait!

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