Saturday, May 11, 2013

My final days in Nagoya

This is my last week in Nagoya.  I only have one final left on Monday, and then it's packing until I leave on Sunday to move back to Tokyo for one last vacation.

Today was my last day at Judo.  I really enjoyed Judo, but I realized that I do not love it.  My real sport of choice is dancing.  I could dance forever.  And horseback riding and archery   Still, I enjoyed doing Judo and interacting with the Japanese students.  I have certainly become stronger from it and it was an experience I wont forget.

Also today I went to a kimono-wearing class.  I dont know how any one is suppose to put those things on by themselves! XP Only with the help of the teacher was I able tog et mine on.  But it sure looks beautiful. :)

For my last week here in Nagoya I plan on taking lots of small days trips.  Trying to get everything in before I leave.

My family will be coming to Tokyo soon, and I cant wait to see my family face-to-face after 5 months of being away!

The end is neigh, though I'm not quite ready to leave Japan yet.

Almost there.

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