Friday, February 15, 2013

A Japanese Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day in Japan differs from that in American in the sense that while it's all in one day for us, it's split into two separate days for the Japanese.  On Valentine's Day, the girls give guys chocolates ONLY. Girls do not traditionally receive anything on this day.  However, fear not ladies, a month later, on March 14th, the have White Day.  On this day the guys MUST give the girls chocolates or other gifts, usually in the color white.  And usually more expensive than what they received, lol.

My first Valentine's Day where I have someone special to share it with...but I'm across the world from him. Sigh. So I went with my dorm to a sweets parlor  a magical place where you can stuff your face with as much candy, cakes, and other yummy things until your stomach is about to explode.  It helped fill the void, lol.

I've recently joined the Judo club here, and I have now begun throwing instead of just falling.  It works my body to the core! But I enjoy it, the people are very nice here.

Another random note, I love Japanese shoes, but my normal size American feet are huge here in Japan (US 7 1/2) which is about 25cm, so I can rarely find any that fit! It makes me so sad indeed.  But I wont give up! I will find those adorable leather shoes that I keep seeing everywhere in my size SOMEDAY!

Until next time!

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  1. :) I miss you beautiful. Btw try looking up those shoes online, maybe they'll have that size.