Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I feel rather frustrated as of late.  The excitement is fading off and now I'm just feeling really lonely and isolated. My Japanese is very poor, despite all of my study.  I really hope I can improve rapidly once classes actually begin. Because the language barrier is really lonesome.

Sigh...maybe I'm going through some culture shock, lol

Though my host brother let me play his Monster Hunter game, course it was in Japanese so I didnt get far, but I was happy with the gesture. I'm hoping I can play more with him soon.


  1. Worry not, it sounds like culture shock. So if you just hang in there you will be fine in week or two. :)
    You can do this! I belive in you and your Japanese is going to be amazing! <3
    Hang in there!
    - Kitty

  2. don't worry! Once you perfect your Japanese you'll have friends coming out of your wazzoo! Rome wasn't built in one day, you can't be expected to learn all the Japanese in one day! You've got a herd of friends and family supporting your dream! I too was lonely when I came to America! Just do what she said^^ give it a month or two and you'll want to stay there! You can do it look how far you've gotten:
    Step one: be born (check)
    Step two: go to IU (check)
    Step three: learn a widdle bit o'Japanese (check)
    Step four: get accepted into a Japanese program (check)
    Step five: go to japan (check)
    Step six: Master Japanese!
    Step seven: ??????????????????
    Step eight: rule the world!

    See you've got 5/8 steps already completed! if those were casino odds, you would be the luckiest gal in there!
    If anyone can do it its you linds!
    I believe in you as well <3
    Your Goofy Bf:
    P.S. Don't forget how Beautiful you are and how much I admire and adore you, te amo muchisimo! <3

  3. awww thank you sweetheart. I feel better today so I will be fine. I am going to a party this saturday. I'm sure I can make some friends there!
    love you. <3
    Your goofy GF
    P.S. you know what step seven is. ;D