Friday, August 31, 2012

Host family part 3

My host family is really wonderful.

The father is a doctor who doesn't speak any English.  He's a little strict but I think he's kind.

The mother is super nice and friendly. She is a translator and English teacher so she speaks English very well.  Although she speaks Japanese to me as much as possible, it's nice how she can communicate in English if I don't understand.

The grandmother is blind, and only speaks Japanese.  I haven't been able to say much to her, but I think she liked the gift I brought her.

The son can't speak English, but he loves American music and video games. With these two things in common, I think we will get along great.

I field placement is an anime art gallery in Harajuku, downtown Tokyo. I have the interview on Monday.
I'm both excited and nervous!


  1. Spleee! How exciting! How old is the son? Doesnt matter, as long as he plays video games! :) Yay! I'm so jealous, your going to learn more Japanese! :D

  2. lol he's 14. a wee bit too young for you. ;P