Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pokemon Center and Sakae

So, Sakae is the Tokyo of Nagoya.  It has all the main shopping and high end stuff one could want.  First off, the Pokemon Center.  Though no as big as the one in Tokyo, it stills offers a lot of the same stuff and is an awesome place for anything Pokemon. I spent waaay too much there.

Then, to my delight, there is a Ghibli store next to the Pokemon Center! I an a Ghibli addict, I cannot leave a Ghibli store without buying something. My goal is to fill my house with as much Ghibli as I can, much to the dismay of my suitcases.  Today I bought a Spirited Away water fountain, simply because it was awesome.

Then for the thrifty, there is Book-Off. I love Book-off for two reasons. 1. Everything is used and thus cheap, but still is good shape (especially the games, some look like they're new!) 2. You can find some pretty rare, old manga and games there. I bought a Japanese Pokemon Silver version for the GameBoy Color for a mere $3.  I was also lucky to find a good collection of Tales of the Abyss manga, hoping to read it for good Japanese practice since I already know the story line from the game.

Then there's shoes.  Sadly, my normal sized American feet (size 7-8) are HUGE for Japanese women's feet.  So I often find cute shoes that I cant wear, which is depressing.  But, I did find some cute leather moccasins with leopard print that did fit.  Basically I need a large, which can be hard to find sometimes, but they do exist!

Clothes, tons of clothes. But the best place I found was what I like to call "Little Harajuku".  Basically I was wondering inside this mall. Until I reached a floor FULL of lolita, goth lolita, and other very niche styles of clothes! It was super cool! Most of the stuff is uber expensive, but if you browse around you can find some reasonable stuff, considering that lolita clothes always run high in prices.

So far those are my favorite places in Sakae

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