Friday, January 18, 2013

Nagoya Castle and my first dance club

So now classes have started and I'm finally settling down into my new home and town.  Nagoya is much smaller than Tokyo, but it has it's charms.  I do like the less people thing, and thus less crowded trains.

For a class field trip we went to Nagoya Castle, which was beautiful.  The only downfall is that it's winter so the grounds weren't very green.  However, I hope to go again during the cherry blossom season - it'll be gorgeous then!

This Friday I joined a large group from my dorm to a dance club in Sakae.  This was my first time ever going to a club, and I had a blast!  I was a bit nervous at first. With the scary looking bouncers peering down at my small, mortal being.  But ladies got in for free, which was nice. We put our belongings in a coin locker, and hit the first of the five floors of the club.  The club was very nice, since I've never been to one before I have nothing to compare it with, but I'd say it was a very nice place.  Each floor played different music, so you could find one you liked and stayed, or switch it up throughout the night. I explored every floor and stuck with 3rd floor as my favorite.  It played rap/hip-hop, which is the best music for dancing in my opinion. And so I danced the night away for a solid 3 hours. By the time I left by body was crying on the inside.  But it was so much fun, everyone had a good time I think.  I will likely go again.  The only downfall was the smoke, I'm allergic to cigarette smoke so once it got thick my eyes were burning and my throat was sore.  But I ignored it as best as I could.

Today I'm going to the Pokemon Center in Nagoya, and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

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