Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tokyo Disney Sea!

So yesterday I went to Tokyo Disney Sea for the first time, and it was great!!

Tokyo Disney Sea doesn't have many big rides (and only one of them was actually a coaster) but they're so many shows and shopping to do that you could easily spend a whole day there without riding a single ride.  Tokyo Disneyland is the place you wanna go if you're looking for rides.

And I've never been to Disneyland in California, but I have gone to DisneyWorld several times, and I can say that the Tokyo version is basically a smaller version of it.  The main differences are language (but all announcements are made in both Japanese and English, plus English maps, so the language wasn't an issue at all) and the many more Japanese people (I only saw like 3 other white people, lol).

The Disney characters are all there, Mickey, Minnie, the Princesses, etc; and really their voices in Japanese are very similar to their English counterparts.

The food is amazing there. I have Italian gelato and a Mexican dish for lunch and it was delicious. They also had very fun and interesting Halloween specials (like sweet potato sticks and skull candy and such).

One thing I found interesting was the many popcorn stands they had. You could buy a souvenir bucket and keep refilling them for $5 at any popcorn stand.

But a warning, they DO NOT have normal popcorn.  Indeed you will not find simple butter popcorn.  They had caramel corn, black pepper, sea salt, curry, and strawberry popcorn.  I had caramel corn myself, but if I had more time I would've been more adventurous to try the strawberry popcorn.

Another fun fact: Japanese people find the American flag to be very cool looking, so I often see it on clothes and accessories.  I find this quite humorous as I can find more American flag goods here than I would in America (I think). So I bought a hat with Mickey ears in the American flag colors of stars and stripes.

Coming to Japan has certainly given me a new found appreciation for my country. Of course we have heaps of flaws, but so does everyone else.  Not even Japan is perfect.

But I feel like I had to leave my country first to really appreciate it and see it from an outside perspective.  I know that I'm really growing as an open-minded person here.

I plan on going to Tokyo Disnyland here soon, so then I can make some more comparisons. And I really want Bambi ears, I saw someone wearing them but I couldn't find them. Maybe they are in Tokyo Disneyland. I'll be on the hunt.

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